Remembrance of World War 1

In 2014_2018 we commemorate World War 1 which was fought also here in Flanders Fields.

In 1914 Leke was occupied by the Germans who overlooked the flooded Yser valley behind which the Belgians kept their positions.  French, British and their overseas armies were also heavily involved but most British positions were around Ypres (Ieper).

More info on WW1

During your stay you can browse in books and brochures on WW1.  We also have some good WW1 car-routes written in English. 

Suggestions :

A visit to The Museum on the Yser(het Museum aan de IJzer) and the Trench of Death are to be recommended.
Also the nearby German war cemetery in Vladslo is worth a visited.  Here you find the original statue of "The mourning parents" made by Kathe Kollwitz for her son who fell here.  To learn more about Kathe Kollwitz you can visit the museum in Koekelare dedicated to her.

Belgian War Cemetery
Belgian war cemetery in Keiem
3 km from us
German War Cemetery Vladslo
German war cemetery in Vladslo
5 km from us
"Het museum aan de IJzer"
De Dodengang
the Death Trench (Dodengang)
The Ysertower reopend as the "Museum of the Yser" on the 1th of March 2014.
From the top of the tower you have a splendid view of the wider surroundings.  A lift takes you to the top of the tower and  while descending you go through the museum.
DeThe Death Trench is a remainder of the trenches where the Belgians kept their positions for four long years. The sandbags have been reinforced now with concrete. The site is in its original postition at the border of the Yser. Beware, this site is in the winter only accessable on Tuesdays and Fridays.